Thursday, 23 February 2012

Film of the day

Sadly I havn't had time for film of the day  but it will start up again in a couple of days!
Checkout my latest film!.....Demon In The Garden! this took me about a week to make with all the FX and music!

Demon In The Garden/Youtube

Thursday, 16 February 2012

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film of the day !!!

I'm so sorry that I didn't do film of the day today!
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

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Film of the day 14/02/2012

Rear Window Alfred Hitchcock

     112 Minutes.

Rear Window is about a character called L.B Jeff (James Stewart) a photographer with a broken leg. He is trapped in his own apartment because of his injury. This film takes you threw an adventure all inside the same house of Jeff. Watch Jeff look at his Nabors as if it’s you. Jeff keeps looking out the window. He then thinks that the married man across the road may have murdered his wife: has he?

      Rear Window is an immersing film because it keeps to the point of view of Jeff. You see what he sees. It’s as if when Jeff looks out his window it symbolises you looking at the T.V while watching Rear Window.

But that all changes when Lisa Carol Fremond (Grace Kelly) goes out of Jeff’s apartment. And then the monster across the road comes out of the T.V.

which is a great shock with the great use of close ups such as: James Stewart looks out the window, he see’s something then you see his reaction etc.

      Over all I think Rear Window is a great film because of the may you get immersed in it because of the way it’s all from Jeff’s point of view.

Monday, 13 February 2012

I'm working on some green screen!

Film of the day

Duel by Steven Spielberg

Duel  was Spielberg’s first major film, which was made for the small screen initially. It was the film that started his career and led to him making other films, like Jaws, E.T, Indiana Jones etc.

 Spielberg only had ten days to make Duel, which was considered impossible to do at the time. In the end it actually took about thirteen day. Everything was real in this film, so when you see explosions, crashes, smoke etc it’s not CGI.

Duel seems to have many influences from Hitchcock, like the opening scene where it sticks to David Mann’s(Denis Weaver’s) point of view using extreme close ups. For example, you see through the windscreen what  David Mann is looking at, then a close up of his reaction, and then back to his point of view.

It’s also interesting how even though the truck, in real life, was going around 40-50 miles an hour, they filmed it using a camera mounted on a car driving in the opposite direction, which, along with the cliff wall in the background, created the impression it was going a 100 miles an hour.

Denis Weaver does a good job of portraying extremes of anxiety, and is particularly effective as an everyman character who the audience can easily identify with.

 I also liked the way Spielberg planned the story. Rather than using a storyboard, he used an overland map with arrows pointing to all the scenes in the film.

The use of close ups reminded me of Hitchcock’s Rear Window  and North by North West. Duel  also has some excellent suspense, which Spielberg admits that he owes to Hitchcock’s characteristic drawing out of tension for as long as possible, such as the scene in the bar when he gives us little clues about who might be the truck driver which makes David Mann even more worried.

 Spielberg masterfully builds tension upon tension until the climactic scene which in many ways foreshadows the ending of Jaws where the  protagonist gambles everything on one last desperate throw of the die.  

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