Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sorry I have been doing much here reasently :-(
been working on film!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Sorry I havn;t posted much reasently,
it#s because I'm making a new film!  based on what happens when I play Star Wars BattleFront 2!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Film of The Day

The A-Team

I have watched this film hundreds of times and love it! It's intresting to compare it to the originall. I was expecting something serious and modern and stupid! but this was just plain redicouls, like the originall serious... flying a tank!
The Texas Chain Saw Masacre

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

new film

Check out my new film Deadly Destination

New film I made....

Check out my new film Deadly Destination.
This took 3 people to do VFX.

Film of the day

Henry V

This film was based on a play by Willam Shakespear. I liked the way they made play script sound more normal and realistic. I thouaght Kenneth Branagh's performance was good  as Henry V and I thouaght lots of the scenes were very dramatic and action packed.

 William Shakespear

Saturday, 14 April 2012

I made a new film yesterday called Gangster Warfare. Staring Anthony Krikor again my friend.
This was hard t omake but now it's epic to watch! with more explsosion than you can handle...and of course gore!
Hello fellow people!
I watched the opening of The Texas Chain Saw Masacre last night but figured it's not the best thing to watch before bed with a name like... The Texas Chain Saw Masacre lol! We stopped the film when leverface had already killed some guy by grabbing him and pulping his head all over the place with a hammer and when he grabbed some woman and put her on a butcher's spike thing. Then he got the chain saw and started waving it about to cut her to shreds....That's were I stopped it! he also had a butches cloth robe thing on!
So now I'm going to play GTA San Andreas on the old Xbox! I'm going to put some cheats in so you can fly cars and make planes.

Friday, 13 April 2012

GTA San Andreas

One of my favroute games ever. I'm not saying San Andreas is the best GTA game ever but it is good.
I just love GTA, like....Vice City and any good GTA game: Liberty City is also good. But I've been playing San Andreas recently!
Thanks for all the new people joining! I will keep you uptaded for my new films, and reviews!

Maybey I should make a new Gangster film?

After making Gangsters I have been wondering if I should make a new Gangster film...
I was thinking  of making a 3rd person GTA ( Grand Theft Auto ) film. That keeps to the 3rd person threw out.... like FreddieW's Pedestrian revenge?

Please Comment if you have any ideas! :-)
Gangsters on youtube

Check out my new Gangster film!
This was influenced by Casino and Good Fellas

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Arrrrrrrrrrrrr, I havn't posted in like..... 2000000000 days take away the 000000000! 2-3 days!
Ok this is me posting,

Friday, 6 April 2012

New photo of me!

Check out this serious film directer photo I made of myself!
I find this very funny, but never th eless cool!
It goes with the fact I'm an indipendent film maker!

Now for the not so serious photo of me....!
Me as a Chipmunck!


First 2 films!

First 2 films I ever made!

AE chopper race

Link to youtube AE chopper race

Here's my new experiment!
AE (After Effects) helicopter race. I did this as an experment after the GW (Galactic War) helicopter scenes. I will be using this style helicpoters in my new films!
Tell me if you want me to do an airoplane or space ship next!