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This page is all about film & FX, here I'll give you tutorials on filming and making good C.G.I with after effects or any other programs. And how to find good SFX.

go ahead and watch this before reading, Ok so you may be wondering how I made this.... well all I did was download the iphone app action movie and use that, the I saved the files on to the camera and emailed them to me, I then put the emailed videos into i movie and cut it together and played around for a bit with the footage. Finally I exported it, put it into garage band as a film score and exported it onto i tunes, and then exported it onto the desktop were I could upload it onto youtube!

Keep an eye out for my new video tutorial!

Tutorial 1
How to do a muzzle flash effect

1.  Go to this link and download the 30 day trial of Adobe After Effects Link to 30 day after effects trial

2. Open up Adobe After Effects.

3. If you have a camera, put the camer on a ledge or tripod and film you pretending to shoot a gun. You can use a toy gun or if you don't have one use your thingers! If you don't have a camera see if a friend does otherwise use some stock footage.

4. plug theh camera into your computer USB, make shore After Effects is open.

5. on After Effects go to the top and click composistion, now click on new comp, now a square should come up, go to the bottom right and click okay.

6. Now click file, import. Now go to which ever one is your camera, now select 100 video on the menu and double click on the footage.

7. The footage should now be over to the left hand side in a small box saying project, drag the footage into the composition in the middle.

8. If you look down at the bottme you should see a little time line which you can drag along to look at the footage.

9. Open the internet and search muzzle flash, go to images and right click on 1 that's to a black backround a maches the way you filmed it. It dosn't matter  if it's the oposite way round.

10. CLick save as and name it, then click okay, go to after effects and import the file the same way done as the footage.

11. Drag it into place and move it around until it looks good.

12. now click on the muzzle flash  and go to effects, keying, linear coulr key.

13. Now click on the little filter tool and place it on the black backround of the muzzle flash and click.

14. the backroud should now be gone so it's just the footage and muzzle flash without the black BG.

15. Go to the time line and click on the muzzle flash. Drag the left side and the right until it's a key frsme long. About half a centermetere.

16. Move the muzzle flash box over into time you shoot and place it in place.

17. FO rthe SFX go to this link and impot it like the muzzle flash and footage, then place it when you fire the gun!!!    Link for free gun fire SFX

Ask me if you want a new tutorial and what you want me to do next!

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