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Diseased Productions: Film of The Day: Hitler The Rise of Evil What happened in the U.S (Wall Street) to create the conditions that brought Hitler to power? The Great D...

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Film of The Day

Hitler The Rise of Evil
Hitler: The Rise of Evil Poster

What happened in the U.S (Wall Street) to create the conditions that brought Hitler to power?

The Great Depression began with the wall street crash in October 1929. It spread worldwide creating homeless people and causing businesses to close down because they were making no money. As a result of this many people supported Hitler and became Nazis.

In which ways do you think Hitler was influenced by Nietzsche?

Hitler thought all Nazis must have blond hair blue eyes and be strong. He also thought that they shouldn’t be wimpy and should just get on with whatever the problem was. He also appears to be influenced by Nietzsche’s concepts of the will to power and the Übermensch.

What was the Jewish problem as Hitler saw it?

In this film they show how Hitler thought the Jews were taking over and invading. Hitler thought that they were going to take over Germany so he rebelled with the Nazis.

What was the “final solution” regarding the Jews?

Hitler put the Jews into concentration camps and killed millions.

What do you think of Robert Carlisle’s portrayal of Hitler?

I thought Robert Carlisle was good at being  Hitler because of the way he portrayed the hatred of the Jews and Hitler wanting power. Robert Carlisle  has been in other film such as 28 Weeks Later, The Full Monty, The World is Not Enough, etc. I like the way how, even though he plays Hitler, he still doesn’t do a German accent, which makes sense since the film is in English.

Who was the actor playing President Hindenburg, what else has he been in?

Peter  O’ Toole played President Hindenburg. He has been in other films like... Lawrence of Arabia, Ratatouille, The Lion in Winter, The last Emperor, Troy etc.

What is your overall opinion of the film?

Overall I enjoyed the film and liked the actors’ performances. I thought it was interesting to see what actually happened. It also had good C.G.I... muzzle flashes, explosions, etc. And I liked the atmosphere.

By Theo Prior

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ironclad Review


1)      The main character in Ironclad (played by James Purefroy) is a Knight Templar. What is a Templar?

Knights Templars came around about the year 1118 to protect pilgrims. they wore a white robe with a red cross, chain mail and a sword along with a cloak. They where only allowed one horse.


2)       Where did they originate from? What conflicts does being a Templar cause him in the film?

The main character has to stick to the rules and keep to the different vows such as the vow of silence. Templars aren’t allowed to retreat which is a good thing since for most of the film the main characters are defending a castle. Also he is not allowed to look at women or speak to them, but in the end he has no choice and has to  leave the Order.  Knights Templars fight for God and are a religious order. They are extremely good at fighting and can’t kill or eat their horses which creates a problem when they have nothing to eat. Everyone else ate their horse but the main character (Thomas) can’t eat his.      

3)      What was the film about? Does it remind you of any other films? In what way?

 I thought it was very much like The Magnificent Seven in the fact that in both films they travel and find more people to join the group, and in Ironclad  it turns out to be seven main characters with the help of  the people in the castle defending. In the Magnificent Seven they journey around until they also make a team of seven. They then defend the village with help from the villagers. In both films some of the main characters die and they are outnumbered massively. Therefore, I think Ironclad was probably at least partly influenced by The Magnificent Seven.


4)      The film is very violent at times. What is your view on this?

 Did it help that so much graphic violence was shown? Is it a strength or a weakness? I thought that Ironclad had lots of gore and slow-motion fights and camera shakes. This kind of gore and shaky camera effects was what I expected because it came from the directors of 300, which I also enjoyed. Some gore was needed for authenticity but Ironclad sometimes seemed more concerned with the effects of different weapons than with other aspects of the story telling.

5)      If you directed this film, is there anything you would have done differently? Why?

 Overall there wasn’t much I would have changed apart from I didn’t like the lighting in some of the shots because it just looked like it had been filmed straight from the camera and not adjusted much. I probably would have made it slightly darker and gave it a little bit more of a tint like in 300.


6)      What is Magna Carta? Why is it important?

The Magna Carter came about at the time of King John when his brother King Richard I died. The Magna Carta was a long list of all the laws for all countries that speak English. The Magna Carta was important because it strengthened the idea that a monarch’s power was limited, not absolute. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm so, so, sorry that I havn't posted for like 3 weeks.
But it's because a new baby was born into my family. Because of this I never get any sleep! so I don'y get time to post on the blog. But hopefully in a week I can do a huge new start up and polish the blog up with posts, pictures, new vids, and all of that. I'll also start doing difrrent pages such as other films, my film, guns, lasers, video games, and all of that.
I'm working on the new film of the Galactic War, however it's not the same as the cartoon. It's the same idead...C.G.I space ships, lasersetc but not the same's much better!
I've spent well over 1 and a half years getting it right and now I'm finally making the 1st real life film episode!
Incase you don't know how I do the speacil effects that you've seen on the post I do of my new films the programs I use are..Adobe After effects, Movie Maker, I movie, youtube!!! and a flip camera, a full size trpod, a green screen,  nerf guns, airsoft guns and any thing I can get my hands on that lokks like a gun!!!!!!!!!!!